A man who is believed to have abducted, tortured and killed "30 to 40" cats is under house arrest in Mesa, Arizona. According to Mesa's Channel 3 News, neighborhood residents and other townspeople assembled to protest outside the accused animal abuser's home on Tuesday, angry that the city hasn't done more to punish Scott Andrew Graham.

Graham is serving 30 days house arrest after getting caught on film abducting a cat that turned up dead within a day. He confessed to police that he abducted between 30 and 40 cats from Mesa neighborhoods, but denies doing any harm to the animals. He told police he played with them and released them in other areas.

A security camera captured Graham stealing Biscuit, a cat belonging to Amy Kalis, in August of 2012. The cat was found mutilated and killed along with two other cats the next day.

Police never found any other evidence that Graham had abused and killed the animals and were forced to drop charges of animal abuse. Judge Lue Sang sentenced Graham to house arrest in late July for Biscuit's abduction.

"He destroyed the memory of him (Biscuit). Now I have the memory of a horrific image after identifying him of the crime against him," Amy Kalis told Channel 3. "I still believe he committed this crime against Biscuit, mutilated him and killed him."

Protesters told Channel 3's Jill Galus that they plan to return on Saturday.

“We’re not forgetting about these gruesome crimes committed by Graham," said demonstrator Jan McClellan. "We’re not going away.”

Watch video about this story, embedded below via Mesa, AZ's Channel 3 News: