Anthony Weiner Obamacare 'interview' with Sean Hannity turns into a big hot mess
Anthony Weiner and Sean Hannity interview [YouTube]

A purported discussion of the Affordable Care Act and the federal debt limit between Fox News host Sean Hannity and former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) on Wednesday night was derailed at seemingly every opportunity by the two men's repeated sniping at one another.

"You're auditioning for MSNBC," Hannity told an exasperated Weiner. "You want Chris Matthews' job. I can tell -- you want to ask the questions. You want to be Chris Matthews. You won't shut up like Chris Matthews, either."

"Why do you always have patsies on?" Weiner shot back. "Why is it you don't want to have someone who pushes you on the basic assumptions of your argument?"

"Listen, you want a job at MSNBC," Hannity insisted. "Now I know why you came here today."

For his part, Weiner argued that he agreed to the interview because Hannity badgered him into it.

"You guys don't stop begging me to come on," Weiner told Hannity. "And I like talking to you."

"We didn't beg you to come on," Hannity said. "We asked you to come on. And I was kind of surprised you said yes."

"Well, you asked me like 50 times," Weiner responded. "So now I'm hearing you ask me why I'm here -- you invited me."

Watch the two collide, as posted on YouTube by "HDNEWS" on Wednesday, below.