Anti-LGBT activist: Hawaiian marriage equality leads to self-marriage and bestiality

A well-known Hawaiian anti-LGBT activist says that if his state moves forward with plans to legalize same sex marriage then it won't be long before people are also marrying animals and even themselves.

In a recent video, Hawaii Family Advocates President Jim Hochberg explains that a bill to grant equal marriage rights to gay and lesbian Hawaiians wouldn't end there.

"You have to ask yourself the question, 'Well, where does it stop?'" Hochberg opines. "We have bisexual people who like to have sex with both their own and the other gender -- so should they be able to have two spouses? And then, why not four so that each person can have two of the other and one of the same? Or five? Or whatever!"

According to a list presented on the screen, the possible dangers of marriage equality include polygyny, polyandry, bi-sexual marriage, group marriage, concubinage and "beastiality" [sic].

"I read on the Internet that a woman somewhere married herself because she had her inner groom," he continues. "It's just getting ridiculous!"

As the Huffington Post pointed out, Hochberg was referring to Nadine Schweigert, who "married herself" in a symbolic ceremony of empowerment in 2012.

The Hawaii state Senate was expected to hold a final vote on the same sex marriage bill on Wednesday.

Watch this video from Hawaii Family Advocates.

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