Anti-Muslim booth at Tennessee fall festival linked Obama to 9/11 attacks

A bigoted booth at a family fun fair in Bartlett, TN angered many in the community this week. According to WMC-TV Channel 5 in Bartlett, townspeople contacted the TV station saying the messages on the booth were offensive and highly inappropriate.

The group ACT! Memphis sponsored the booth, which displayed images of the burning World Trade Center towers next to a photo of President Barack Obama's face. ACT! Memphis bills itself as a non-partisan group seeking to raise awareness about the dangers of Islamic extremism.

Channel 5 attempted to interview the leader of the group at the Bartlett Festival, but he refused to go on camera in a format that could be edited by producers. No one in the ACT! for America organization does anything other than live interviews, he said.

ACT! Memphis responded to WCM's story about the offensive booth on its website in a 10-paragraph rant directed at "a woman" who "was offended when ACT! Memphis staffed a booth at the Bartlett Festival."

"Was she offended," the site asked, "when a HAMAS Intelligence [sic] officer was found living in Collierville and deported?"

In a tone of escalating outrage, ACT! Memphis demanded to know if the person complaining about the political and social propriety of linking Pres. Obama to the World Trade Center attacks on Sep. 11, 2001 was offended when supposed jihadis and anti-Western terrorists were allegedly found to be lurking in the back woods of Tennessee.

The City of Bartlett confirmed that ACT! Memphis operated a booth at the Bartlett Festival, but declined to comment on the appropriateness of its message.

Watch the video, embedded below via WMC-TV Channel 5:

Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee