At second transgender beauty pageant, Raika Ferraz wins 'Miss T Brazil' title

Raika Ferraz, a curvy 21-year-old, has landed the title of "Miss T Brazil," following the country's second transsexual beauty pageant.

Ferraz, a long-haired, dark-eyed brunette, saw off 27 rivals at the contest late Monday in Rio to land the first prize of a sex change operation in Thailand.

However, the winner revealed she will not undergo full transgender surgery -- merely have some work done on her nose and some other cosmetic work.

Thailand, which specialises in transgender surgery, will host next year's Miss International Queen 2014, the transsexual answer to Miss Universe.

Ferraz, who hails from Sao Paulo, will represent Brazil at the event.

"I'll get my nose done and a bit of botox. I also think I'm a little bit fat," Ferraz told Neto Lucon, a website carrying news from the gay, lesbian and transgender community.

As is customary with beauty contests, the participants in Monday's event paraded first in evening wear and then in bikinis at Rio's Joao Caetano theater.