Beck: Bob Costas is a 'sanctimonious piece of crap' for opposing 'Redskins' slur!

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck on Monday blasted NBC broadcaster Bob Costas for his Sunday night commentary calling on Washington's NFL franchise to change their name from the "Redskins."

During the halftime show of the Sunday night game between the Washington team and the Dallas Cowboys, Costas had asked viewers to imagine if the slur had been "directed toward African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, or members of any other ethnic group."

For Beck, it was a sign that Costas was past his prime.

"It's time for him to be wheeled down the hallway by the nurse, and maybe time to take the blue pill," Beck opined.

But what really offended the libertarian radio talker was that Costas had failed to include whites in his list of groups that are often insulted with ethnic slurs.

"Can we at least be thrown in as people?" he asked. "Could I just say, you sanctimonious piece of crap. Why is it that all white people think that they have to correct all of the ills of and protect everybody else. Because everybody else is so little child-like, needs to be taken care of. What do these arrogant people think?"

"He, as a white guy, needs to teach the poor little Indian that you should be offended!" Beck exclaimed. "It is the arrogance of the white man. And again, where did that arrogance come from? That arrogance came from Manifest Destiny, it came from the government, it came from people who were in control."

In conclusion, Beck argued that "Bob Costas is trying to make us hate each other even more."

Watch this video from Blaze TV, broadcast Oct. 14, 2013.

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(h/t: Mediaite)