Beck: WWII monument closing is proof Obama could 'shoot... millions dead'

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck on Thursday warned that the closing of the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. because of the government shutdown was a sign that President Barack Obama could be preparing for mass killings.

The memorial is just one of hundreds of parks around the country that have been closed due to a partial government shutdown that was forced by Republicans after Democrats refused to defund or delay President Barack Obama's health care reform law. But this week, Republicans have repeatedly accused the president of deliberately conspiring to prevent elderly veterans from being able to see the memorial.

And on Thursday, Beck took those accusations to the next level when he speculated that it could be proof of a communist revolution that could end with "millions dead."

"Now, they're putting armed guards around it," Beck said. "So now, they don't care. Now, it is them inflicting the pain intentionally."

"I want you to understand that you are now seeing what I told you about three weeks ago, I told you they have gone from nudge to shove. This is another example that they are deep into shove."

"Your next step is shoot," he added. "Every Marxist communist revolution always ends in millions dead. Always. Without fail. Every time. We talk about the Nazis. 'Oh, they killed 6 million Jews.' The Soviet Union killed 60 million. The Chinese, it's estimated between 70 and 90 million. The Russians starved 7 million."

"This is the beginning of teaching the American people a lesson."

Watch this video from The Blaze, broadcast Oct. 3, 2013.

(h/t: Right Wing Watch)