Creationist Ray Comfort: School shootings prove Bible is right and people are born evil

Creationist Christian author and anti-science crusader Ray Comfort said that violence and mayhem around the world is proof that humanism is false and that the Christian Bible is true. Everyone is "born evil," he said, and needs Christianity to cleanse them of that original evil because otherwise, we will degenerate into savagery.

"Yeah you can see humanism rear its ugly head every time there's a school shooting or some father gets a knife and slits the wife's, uh, the throat of his wife and children," said Comfort. "What the world does is that it believes that every person is born good, and this person who did this heinous thing has gone off the rails. There's some mitigating circumstance."

Humanism, he said, cannot accept that some people are "evil by nature as it says in the Bible," but rather seeks to find some external cause that brings about an effect. Therefore people who believe that individuals are born good are "in direct opposition to the Bible," he said, which says that all people are born evil and impure and need the love of god to redeem them.

"The human heart is deceitfully wicked," Comfort said. "We don't have to keep making excuses and calling in psychologists. The trouble is that it's getting more and more common. More and more people are doing evil things.

Comfort is the author of You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence, but You Can't Make Him Think, and worked with former teen star Kirk Cameron on a series of anti-evolution videos and on the release of Darwin's Origin of Species with a new, anti-evolution forward.

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