MSNBC host Ed Schultz mounted a spirited defense of the Affordable Care Act on Tuesday, blaming media outlets for playing into conservatives' hands by spreading "misinformation" about the new law in an effort to protect their own reputations.

"I think that network reporters throughout the entire industry may be caught in a dilemma: that Obamacare is so positive and gonna have such a tremendous impact on American life and American society in setting the foundation for better changes in the future," Schultz speculated. "I think that network reporters and people on TV are having a hard time saying something nice about it or positive about it because they might be viewed as 'journalistically compromised.'"

According to Schultz, reports saying the White House knew that 2 million of the country's 14 million individual health insurance buyers could be kicked out of their current policies were too quick to point the blame at the Obama administration and not at the insurance industry.

"Some of them are gonna get these [cancellation] notices because they have -- I can't use the S-word -- they have crappy insurance," Schultz said. "Raising the standards of health care in America, and making sure that insurance companies live up and actually deliver what they're supposed to is what Obamacare is all about."

The point of the law, Schultz argued, was that it would do away with "junk plans" that fall short when patients are most in need.

"Why doesn't that get reported by all the people who think that '40 to 60 percent of the people are gonna be losing their insurance,'?" Schultz grumbled, before taking a shot at CBS News anchor Charlie Rose. "Two million people in this country, Charlie, have got lousy insurance, and Obama's trying to do something about it. That's your headline on CBS, dude."

Watch Schultz take on the reporting surrounding Obamacare, as aired Tuesday on MSNBC, below.