Father forces son to hold pink 'I am a bully' sign on Texas highway

A Texas father is refusing to apologize for forcing his child to hold a pink "I am a bully" sign because he says that "we don't need another Columbine."

When Jose Lagares found out that his son got in trouble for bullying in his fourth grade class, he sent the boy out to the intersection of Ft. Hood Street and W. Veterans Memorial Boulevard in Ft. Hood on Tuesday.

KCEN captured video of the fourth grader holding a pink sign that read: "I am a bully. Honk if you hate bullies."

"Bullying is also a form of public humiliation," Lagares told the station. "Maybe he understands that when he humiliates someone publicly that doesn't feel good."

"Hopefully he'll take that with him so the next time he tries to bully someone he'll think about it twice."

In an interview with KCEN on Thursday, Lagares said that he had received negative criticism, but he did not regret punishing his son.

"I refuse to allow my child to be somebody else's pain," he explained. "Ya know, we don't need another Columbine, and we don't need another Solomon Harris. Ya know, we don't need that to happen, and I refuse for my child to be the cause of that."

Watch the video below from KCEN, broadcast Oct. 3, 2013.

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