Rick Santorum has failed to get elected to the nation's highest office. But that hasn't stopped him from attempting to influence American culture.

Following his failed 2012 presidential bid, the former Republican senator from Pennsylvania became the CEO of the Christian film production company EchoLight Studios.

According to an email sent to supporters of Santorum's Patriot Voices group on Tuesday, EchoLight's The Christmas Candle will be "the only Christmas movie slated for release this fall, and it actually talks about the real, true Christmas story."

The movie is based on Max Lucado's book by the same name. It stars Britain's Susan Boyle and Samantha Barks.

"Will you join me in showing Hollywood our voice matters? Our team has done a great job turning out votes on Election Day, and we are now going to use this same network to make an impact on the culture by turning out people in the community to see this terrific Christmas movie," Santorum wrote in the email.

"People have asked me how is it that I can go from politics to working in the movie business. I simply say: if liberal Hollywood actors and producers can get involved in politics then conservative politicians can get involved in Hollywood."

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube, below: