IRS executive denies 'consorting with the Devil' and ability to fly

While testifying before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Wednesday, Sarah Hall Ingram -- an IRS official charged with implementing much of the new health care law -- was grilled by Virginia Democratic Congressman Gerald Connolly.

"Have you been consorting with the Devil," he asked, mocking the line of questioning forwarded by his Republican colleagues.

"Not to my knowledge, sir," Ingram replied.

"Are reports that you can fly accurate?" he asked.

"Greatly exaggerated, sir," she replied.

Rep. Connolly went on to question her loyalty after noting that she won the highest award possible for someone in her position from the Bush administration.

"Did the Devil have anything to do with that award," he asked.

"I was not part of the nomination or awarding process," she replied. "So I cannot definitively say."

Watch Rep. Connolly question Ingram below.