Jon Stewart destroys callous Fox News host: F*ck you for mocking the poor
Jon Stewart mocks Fox's 'no biggie' attitude to shutdown [YouTube]

While Daily Show host Jon Stewart seemed to be in good spirits mocking conservative media's "no biggie" attitude toward the impact of the government shutdown, he bore down on Fox News Radio host Todd Starnes, who dismissively said Democrats would start getting their "potted meat and Tang and get in [their] survival bunker," to the amusement of Sean Hannity and other cohorts.

"F*ck you," Stewart said after a few seconds of mocking faux-laughter. "First of all, Democrats aren't the ones with survival bunkers -- that's you guys. And second, I know that for you, potted meat and Tang is short-hand for sh*t you wouldn't possibly imagine eating unless there was a catastrophe, but for the people actually affected by the government shutdown, it's the sh*t they eat that they can no longer afford."

Stewart argued that, while many of Starnes' colleagues took great pains to tell their viewers that they weren't affected by the curtailing of federal programs instigated by GOP lawmakers, they were purposefully ignoring the very real effects a prolonged shutdown could have on NASA, the Food and Drug Administration, food programs that primarily benefit women and children and the Environmental Protection Agency, among other agencies.

"How bad can it be if it doesn't personally affect Sean Hannity?" Stewart asked sarcastically. "It's not like they shut down Smith & Wollensky for private events -- that would really be f*cked up. Or closed our nation's strategic flag-graphic reserves. Or if Roger Ailes implemented a 'no grunting' policy in the Fox mens' room."

Watch Stewart attack conservative callousness, as posted on YouTube on Tuesday by "Just Fun News," below.