Jon Stewart hammers Republicans on shutdown: 'You burned the f*cking store down' to fight Obamacare
Jon Stewart searches for 'bi-partisan curious' Republicans [YouTube]

Daily Show host Jon Stewart went into great detail in shutting down Sen. Mike Lee's (R-UT) attempt to explain his opposition to the Affordable Care Act by likening Republicans to husbands having extra things foisted upon their regular grocery list.

"You're saying some people in Congress are being forced to pay for some stuff they don't want, and that's not fair," Stewart explained. "But unfortunately, that's called being in a country with some people who aren't exactly you."

But what is really going on at that metaphorical "store," Stewart explained, is that the rest of the country chipped in and gave Lee and his colleagues money with which to buy milk, bread and eggs.

"Then you decided on your own, 'You know what? I don't f*cking like eggs. Eggs are a Communist menace turning our country Muslim,'" Stewart said. "'So I'm just gonna buy milk and bread.' And everybody else is like, 'We passed a law that you would buy milk, bread and eggs. And the Supreme Court upheld that shopping list.' And that's when you burned the f*cking store down."

Stewart also sneered at reports that a number of Republicans actually would vote for a "clean" resolution that would provide funding for government operations -- only they're too afraid of being voted out in favor of candidates even further along the right-wing spectrum.

"So they're willing to let people lose their government paycheck so that they don't lose their government paycheck," Stewart explained.

Watch Stewart's search for moderate Republicans, as posted on YouTube on Wednesday by "William Morris," below.