Jon Stewart mocks CNN's coverage of 'You'd think people were shi*ting into a cup '
Jon Stewart bursts into song [YouTube]

While criticism continues to plague the the government's health exchange website over its performance, Daily Show host Jon Stewart suggested one possible source for the problem: the glut of cable news reporters attempting to sign on, particularly from CNN, which has gone so far as to post clocks showing how long it takes their subjects to sign on.

"The only thing more disturbing than signing up for is apparently watching people try and sign up for," Stewart explained on Monday, before showing a clip of one woman becoming distraught in front of her computer.

"From that woman's reaction, you'd think people were shi*ting into a cup or something," Stewart said.

Stewart also mocked Democratic Party lawmakers for tossing the phrase "fix it, don't nix it" around regarding the Affordable Care Act, going so far as to invoke the spirit of Otis Redding for his own faux-pleas for compassion for the law.

"Fix it, do not nix it," Stewart exclaimed. "Correct it, do not reject it. Debug it, please do not unplug it. Improve it, don't remove it. Repair it -- not forswear it," before launching into a rendition of Redding's classic, "Try A Little Tenderness."

But while Stewart made fun of the Democrats taking part in a series of congressional hearings on the law, he also commended Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. (D-NJ) for his epic rant about the proceedings resembling a "monkey court," likening Pallone's head-bobbing to an angry sorority member chastizing her sisters.

"If you can't handle the refreshments, darling, you can't be on the Refreshments Committee," Stewart said in a Valley Girl voice, mimicking Pallone's head movements.

Watch Stewart take on CNN and Congress over the Obamacare website in this video posted online by Comedy Central: