Laura Ingraham: 'Sob stories' from injured veterans will make GOP cave on shutdown

Fox News contributor and sometime "O'Reilly Factor" host Laura Ingraham predicted on "Fox and Friends" Tuesday morning that the government shutdown will end when the media starts pushing "sob stories" about injured veterans who can't get care because of the federal closure.

Republicans in Congress, she said, will inevitably cave in to demands to reopen the government when people try to force them feel guilty for shutting down programs to help people who were hurt or traumatized serving the country in combat.

After briefly rejoicing that the shutdown will make it so much easier to drive during the day in Washington, D.C., Ingraham announced that the whole shutdown debacle should be called the "Countdown to Cave-In" because she knows that establishment Republicans will be too cowardly to hold the line.

"It's only a matter of time, in my mind," she opined, "before the Republicans say 'We can't keep doing this' because the sob stories are going to start coming out. You're gonna have camera crews on veterans’ counseling centers where you're gonna interview, 'Yeah, your appointment's been canceled today, who do you blame?'"

She continued, "I think the Republicans are going to feel the heat more than the Democrats."

Watch the video, embedded below via Mediaite: