Bill Maher attacked Republicans for their "epically low" poll ratings. "How low do these numbers have to get," he asked, "before we see the Republicans change?"

Republican James Glassman blamed "organizations like Heritage Action" for preventing conservatives from acting, but said he believed it was "too late" for them to do anything at this point.

CNBC's Carol Roth picked up his argument, saying all Republicans needed to do was "recognize Obamacare was going to be a hot mess and just wait for it unroll, then they could have been the heroes coming in on the white knight horse."

"Because of the glitches," Maher interjected.

Roth agreed, but then Chris Matthews was unable to contain himself. "When Apple comes out with a product and their so many orders they can't keep up, it's a success," he said.

"If mail's late today, let's get rid of the Post Office. If the airplane’s delayed an hour, get rid of airplanes," Matthews said.

Maher then pointed out that "the reason [the Affordable Care Act's websites] weren't working in some states is because their governors didn't want it to. It's working fine in California and Maryland. It's not working where it's being sabotaged."

Glassman later proposed cutting all government programs by five percent, to which an exasperated Maher replied that, for Republicans, this is about funding "the s**t we don't need that you still want," like aircraft carriers and tax breaks for the wealthy.

Watch the exchange from tonight's Real Time with Bill Maher below.