Music industry honors legendary punk pioneer John Lydon

Sex Pistol hellraiser John Lydon was honored by the music industry when he was presented with the Icon Award at the BMI London Awards.

The punk pioneer, who went by the stage-name Johnny Rotten during his time as frontman of the Sex Pistols, followed Bryan Ferry and Ray Davies in claiming the award on Tuesday, which recognizes artists who have had "a unique and indelible influence on generations of music makers."

"These fellow songwriters have bothered to stand up and take notice of the things I do, and for me that's very important" said Lydon at London's Dorchester Hotel.

"I'm the kind of fella that picks and chooses what awards I accept so this is obviously something that carries a great deal of meaning to me.

"They fight to get our money and for that, you know, I'm full of heart," he added.

Lydon, 57, formed the critically acclaimed Pubic Image Ltd following his time in the Sex Pistols and is often cited by modern artists as a role model.

"John Lydon is a true icon whose influence on music, fashion and art has been felt around the world.," said Del Bryant, president of BMI.