Students say 'poopetrator' behind Yale laundry room soilings

Police are trying to determine who has been defecating into students' laundry at a Yale University residence hall.

Investigators aren't sure who relieved themselves at least twice in a laundry room at Saybrook College, one of the university's 12 residential colleges, but students have dubbed the culprit the "poopetrator."

One student said she had to physically deliver to administrators the excrement she found in her laundry after opening a dryer Sept. 7 before university officials opened an investigation.

The woman said her suite mate and her suite mate's boyfriend were the first to be targeted the day before, and then someone urinated on her clothes.

She was washing those clothes again when the "poopetrator" opened a dryer and soiled them a second time.

“I simultaneously wanted to throw up, cry and punch someone,” the student said.

Another incident was reported Sept. 26, and Yale police joined the investigation.

A university administrator has asked students not to leave laundry unattended, and the laundry machines involved in the case have been disinfected.

University officials have not confirmed reports that similar incidents took place at other residential campuses at Yale.

Watch the WTNH-TV report that aired Oct. 2, 2013:

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