An atheist businessman in Virginia has ended his sponsorship of a professional golfer because he did not want his business associated with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) or conservative radio host Glenn Beck.

The Blaze reported on Monday that David Reynolds, golfer Jeff Cochran's agent, received a letter from Virginia business man Brian McMahon last month to notify him that the relationship had been terminated.

"I have never had an issue with you or Jeff for that matter but this situation is very disturbing," McMahon explained. "I have been tolerant of his religious views and even supported his off course speaking."

"However, I just can't allow my company to be associated with these radical political views," the businessman continued. "The idea that Jeff would line up with the likes of Glenn Beck or Ted Cruz or any other individual interested in destroying America, just isn't something that I can swallow."

According to The Blaze, that letter came after a dinner where Cochran praised Ted Cruz's father, Rafael, for his appearance on Beck's radio show.

In a subsequent letter, Reynolds explained that he had also been disappointed in the golfer's "childish and uneducated views" regarding religion.

"The idea of trusting or believing that someone has control over your future is the definition of insanity," Reynolds wrote. "I will continue to trust people I’ve actually met and trust to help chart my course."

After he was contacted by Glenn Beck's The Blaze about the story, Reynolds insisted that he only listened to the radio host when "I need a good laugh."

"[B]ut the idea that he has influence over people is scary," Reynolds said in an email. "Making people believe the 'big nasty government' is only looking to ruin their lives is nothing short of brain washing. You prey on the weak and simple minded, who don't have the ability to think on their own."

"Beck's political party has done more damage to this country than anything in the last 20 years," he added. "Jeff is the perfect target for someone like Beck. He believes he has been forgiven for past indiscretions by a mystical power who lives in the clouds, so why wouldn't he be gulible [sic] enough for the Tea Baggers."