The University YMCA in Champaign is facing a 10 percent budget shortfall after the Catholic Church pulled a major grant when the organization refused to cut ties with an LGBT support group that backs same sex marriage in Illinois.

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development yanked the $60,000 grant after the Y declined to end a relationship with the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR), which had issued a statement in support of efforts in Illinois to legalize marriage equality.

University YMCA Director Mike Doyle told WICD that the Y had not taken a position on same sex marriage, but it was important not to allow other groups to control the organization's relationships.

"Although we're going to remain affiliated with ICIRR and that's costing us, jeopardizing financial support from the Catholic Church, our commitment is really to delivering those services," he explained. "So for us, it's about raising the money and being able to do the good work that's really needed."

According to The News-Gazette, the University YMCA has planned a fundraising campaign to replace some of the money it would have gotten from the church.

"I hope the community really rallies around and helps replace the funds we lost so can continue to do the work that we're doing," Dolye said. "We're hoping people will step up and help out."

Watch the video below from WICD, broadcast Nov. 11, 2013.

[Photo: Gay male couple on their wedding day via Shutterstock]

(h/t: Opposing Views)