Daddy's Little Deferment went on the teevee tube thing this morning and explained that she thinks that not-opposite marriage should be a states right thing. You know, like slavery was in the good old days:

Wyoming Republican Senate candidate Liz Cheney on Sunday said that she disagreed with her own lesbian sister’s desire for equal marriage rights.

Fox News host Chris Wallace pointed out to Liz Cheney on Sunday that her married sister, Mary, had called her “dead wrong” on the issue of marriage equality.

“I love Mary very much, I love our family very much,” Liz Cheney replied. “This is just an issue on which we disagree.”

The candidate noted that she favored some rights for same sex couples.

Like giving them forty acres and a mule Subaru Forester.

Liz Cheney's not-straight sister and her partner, Heather Poe, take to Shoutyface to disagree:

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 11.17.50 AM

I think A Very Special Cheney Family Thanksgiving Dinner should be broadcast on pay-per-view.

I know I'd pay to watch....