E.W. Jackson predicts 'stunning victory' because of 'disenfranchised' Christians

Virginia Republican Lt. Gov. candidate E.W. Jackson on Monday predicted a "stunning victory" for himself and gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli because he said Christians had been marginalized by the Democratic Party.

"I think there's a lot of people out there who feel disenfranchised, they feel that they've been marginalized, some of them are Christians, some of them frankly are libertarians, some of them are small business people, a lot of them are veterans," Jackson told WMAL. "And they have really galvanized around my campaign because even though I have been slandered and my words often twisted and taken out of context, they've appreciated the fact that I've been willing to stand up for the things that I believe in."

"I think we're going to have a stunning victory tomorrow," he added.

Jackson also insisted that he would fight for the rights of all Americans -- as long as they weren't gay or lesbian.

"I will fight for the freedom of people -- whether they're Buddhist or Muslim or Hindu or Atheists -- to believe whatever they choose to believe," he explained. "Becoming lieutenant governor is not about me imposing my beliefs on others. Now, I do come with a set of values and convictions, but everybody does. And what we don't want is to establish a religious test in which Bible-believing Christians are told, 'You're no longer qualified to hold public office because we don't like what your beliefs are.'"

"And we know it comes down to really two fundamental issues that people are concerned about: same sex marriage and abortion," Jackson admitted. "But are we to be disqualified because we hold to biblical world view?"

The final Quinnipiac University Poll released before election day showed Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe holding a 46 percent to 40 percent lead over Cuccinelli. A Public Policy Polling survey gave McAuliffe a similar 7 point edge.

Listen to the following audio from WMAL, broadcast Nov. 4, 2013.