Fox Business host: Social Security Disability turns men into 'modern-day eunuchs'
Charles Payne

Fox Business host Charles Payne recently told a group of conservatives that Social Security Disability Insurance was turning American men into "modern-day eunuchs."

Speaking to David Horowitz's Restoration Weekend 2013 last week, Payne opined that President Barack Obama had purposefully sabotaged the economy to create an "Arab Spring sort of thing."

"Well, it's backfired big time because this tinderbox has a limp wicket," he said. "The White House has laid it on too thick. Consequently, that army of would-be rioters, well, they're kind of chilling out waiting for their next Xbox. They figured out how to game the system or they're just going to sit in their parents' basement brooding."

"I've broken them down into three categories: eunuchs, malcontents and the withdrawn."

Payne explained that the new "eunuchs" had been "castrated at the soul."

"They've been cut off from the traditional role of young men as risk takers, family creators and future leaders," he said. "Big strong men around this country, they sit on porches and stoops, they stand on street corners all day long collecting taxpayer benefits."

The Fox Business host pointed to "lavish and generous" benefits from the Social Security Disability Insurance as one of the problems.

"So now, these modern-day eunuchs are being paid billions -- billions of dollars not to work," Payne said. "They're proud of it!"

Watch this video from, uploaded Nov. 21, 2013.

(h/t: Media Matters)