Fox News guest: Terrorists like 'Al-Qaeda couldn't have run' Obamacare worse

Health Policy and Strategy Associates President Robert Laszewski, a former insurance executive, on Monday suggested that the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda might have done a better job at getting the American people covered with health insurance than President Barack Obama's administration.

"The only way they're going to have insurance come Jan. 1 is if they call their insurance company directly and sign up," Laszewski insisted to Fox News host Megyn Kelly. "The health care exchange -- the federal health care exchange -- is simply not going to be working, Megyn."

"I mean, this is just a disaster," he added. "Al-Qaeda couldn't have run this worse than the Obama administration has run"

Laszewski said that insurers had told him that "about 50 people per state per day" were signing up in the health care exchanges.

"That’s the trickle that’s getting through right now," he declared. "Very, very few people are able to make it through this gauntlet."

The insurance industry consultant failed to point out that many people were obtaining insurance by contacting representatives by phone.

Watch this video from Fox News' The Kelly File, broadcast Nov. 11, 2013.

(h/t: Mediaite)