Illinois Republican: Same-sex marriage debate should be about the Bible, not human rights

Illinois state Rep. Dwight Kay (R-Glen Carbon) on Tuesday complained that supporters of same-sex marriage frequently spoke about human rights but neglected the Biblical scriptures.

"The other thing I didn't hear today was the fact that this nation was built on the scriptures," he said on the House floor. "And then came the Constitution. Is that not right?"

"I think it is," Kay continued. "Our Constitution has always looked to the scriptures for its guidance and its columns and its foundations and its leanings, its underpinnings. And, yet, I've heard nothing today about the scriptures. The only thing I have heard is about human rights."

"So I guess we have walked away, we have backed away from our heritage in this nation, which we seem to do quite regularly for the expediency of what we wish to do in the moment," he remarked. "And, ladies and gentlemen, that's pride. That's the belief you're better than the very foundations of this nation which we find in the scriptures."

He warned pride was dangerous for humanity. Kay said that that tales in the Bible about God punishing the prideful were "real stories."

Illinois House lawmakers began debating a bill to legalize same-marriage on Tuesday. The Illinois Senate approved similar legislation earlier this year, and Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn has vowed to sign the bill into law.

Watch video from the Illinois House floor on November 5 below.

With reporting by David Edwards