Jon Stewart: I'm not a doctor, but Fox News' 'Medical A-Team' needs a psychiatrist
Jon Stewart 111213 [YouTube]

The propensity of Fox News' "Medical A-Team" contributors to weigh in on topics seemingly out of their wheelhouse was not lost on Daily Show host Jon Stewart on Tuesday night.

"These guys seem less like doctors and more like the shady expert witnesses paid by the defense to say, 'That bullet hole exit wound, I don't know, maybe that's a third nipple,'" Stewart explained. "These guys -- I'm not a doctor, but these guys are sort of crazy. They need help. What Fox really needs is an in-house psychiatrist."

Unfortunately for Stewart, he realized that they do: Keith Ablow, who once predicted children would "turn transgender" after watching Chaz Bono on Dancing With The Stars.

"This isn't gonna work out well," Stewart said.

The "A-Team's" purpose, Stewart argued, was less about providing medical device than about parroting the network's talking points, like Marc Siegel's argument that "there's too much health insurance" in the wake of the Affordable Care Act.

"Congratulations, I've never heard that before" Stewart said, spreading his arms in disbelief before mocking Siegel's tone. "Here's the problem with health care -- too many people have it, and food and shelter. It just doesn't feel special if everyone has it."

But while medical professionals are increasingly asked to comment on issues beyond the new law, Stewart noted, Ben Carson wasn't hired on at Fox until after his March 2013 interview connecting the gay community with pedophiles and "people who believe in bestiality" in stating his opposition to marriage equality.

"Yeah, no group, no group, be they Fox News doctors or serial rapists," Stewart said. "I'm not saying they're equivalent. I just put the two of them in a sentence together next to each other."

Stewart also ripped Carson for repeating a fabricated quote attributed to Vladimir Lenin calling socialized medicine "the keystone to the arch of the socialist state."

"I don't want to nitpick the doctor here, but historically, Vladimir Lenin never actually said that," Stewart noted. "It's a made-up quote. And architecturally, the keystone and the foundation are two different things. Gramatically, the sentence was flawless."

Watch Stewart diagnose Fox's "A-Team," as posted online on Tuesday, below.