Jon Stewart: Rand Paul took his speeches from Taylor Swift and his hair from Patrick Duffy
Jon Stewart mocks Rand Paul plagiarism scandal [YouTube]

Daily Show host Jon Stewart mocked Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) on Thursday for his reaction to the seemingly ever-increasing revelations regarding material he has plagiarized for his speeches, particularly Paul's assertion that "98 percent" of his speeches are off-the-cuff.

"Ninety-eight percent of his speeches are extemporaneous," Stewart said. "Meaning only 2 percent of his speeches are plagiarized. And the truth is, most of those are just Taylor Swift lyrics."

Stewart also had a laugh at Paul's responding to the controversy by by telling the New York Times, "To tell you the truth, people can think what they want, I can go back to being a doctor anytime, if they’re tired of me. I'll go back to being a doctor, and I'll be perfectly content."

"You know what?" Stewart asked in a whiny voice. "I'll start my own government, where you're allowed to copy off other people. I'll start my own country -- yeah, 'Belgium.' I came up with that name. Belgium."

Besides Paul's reported reliance on Wikipedia for his unlisted source material, however, Stewart was more alarmed by the fact that the senator was using an Ethan Hawke movie in his speeches, before playing clips detailing the multiple instances that have come to light since the initial report.

"Also, some are raising questions about his memoir about life as a young Black woman in the segregated South," Stewart intoned, as a faux-cover for I, Rand Paul, Know Why the Caged Bird Sings appeared on the screen. "And, it is becoming increasingly clear that Mr. Paul has stolen his haircut from '80s icon Patrick Duffy."

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