Maddow: Cheney family drama is messier than the Kardashians

On Monday night, Rachel Maddow compared Liz Cheney's fight to win a seat in the U.S. Senate in Wyoming to messy reality TV family the Kardashians.

Maddow played video of the three Kardashian daughters heatedly arguing as a lead into discussing the fact that Liz Cheney and her sister Mary are publicly squabbling over the legitimacy of Mary's marriage to partner Heather Poe.

Furthermore, Lynne Cheney -- wife of former Vice President Dick Cheney -- exploded at longtime Wyoming Sen. Alan Simpson (R) at a public gathering in September and told him to "shut up" loudly and repeatedly when he refused to endorse Liz over rival and current longstanding Wyoming Republican Sen. Mike Enzi.

Liz Cheney has been falling rapidly in the polls since a brief stir of interest after she announced her campaign. At a Republican Party fundraiser in September, Lynne Cheney reportedly cornered Simpson and demanded that he endorse her daughter.

“How could you forget the little eight-year-old girl who campaigned with us and for you in 1978?" asked Lynne Cheney. "How could you not support her?”

Simpson said he tried to explain that Enzi, the sitting senator, is a longtime friend.

"Oh, I’ve heard enough of that and I don’t want to hear anymore," Cheney replied. "I just want to tell you something, ‘Shut up -- just shut up -- shut up.’”

"At that point, that was the biggest thing to happen in that Wyoming Senate race yet," Maddow said Monday. But then former Vice President Dick Cheney got involved.

When Ezni told website the Daily Beast that he felt "blindsided" by the primary challenge from his old fishing-buddy's daughter, Dick Cheney responded by publicly saying that he and Enzi were not friends and had never been fishing buddies.

People say they don't want the Clintons back in office because of all the "Clinton family drama," Maddow said, "But what about the Cheneys? The Alan Simpson thing is with mom. The Mike Enzi 'fishing buddy' thing is with dad."

And now Liz and her sister Mary are openly going at each other over same sex marriage. On Monday, Dick and Lynne got involved, issuing a press release that said they support a "traditional" definition of marriage.

The polls in Wyoming, said Maddow, are the opposite of the rest of the nation on support of same sex marriage. A majority are against it.

But the polling that nobody has done yet, she said, is "on whether or not Wyoming voters want a senator whose parents fight with their sister on their behalf via press release after a nasty Facebook feud involving the salient question of whether or not I was lying on Fox News Sunday about how much I hate you or whether I was lying maybe last Thanksgiving before we stopped talking when I was still being nice to your kids."

"You looking forward to that in your elected officials?" she concluded. "Good luck, Wyoming Republicans. Good luck with your decision."

Watch the video, embedded below via MSNBC: