Pat Robertson shouts 'Revolution!' over Obamacare: 'People are going to die'

Televangelist Pat Robertson yelled for "Revolution!" on Wednesday and warned that "people will die" if voters did not elect Republicans in 2014 who would repeal President Barack Obama's health care reform law.

On the Wednesday edition of The 700 Club, the TV preacher conducted a lengthy interview with Betsy McCaughey, who is best known for her role in spreading the falsehood that the Affordable Care Act would create "death panels" to decide when it was too expensive to care for older Americans.

"Actually people are going to die, aren't they?" Robertson prompted. "They will die."

"They are," McCaughey agreed. "There are some people [who] may even die. I hate to say that, but some people will not be able to get the health coverage they need because of those politicians in Washington."

McCaughey advised that voters needed to elect lawmakers who would overturn the law in 2014. She noted that a new president could have been elected in 2012 but voters got "distracted."

"You're like Paul Revere of health care," Robertson gushed. "I hope people will listen to you because you're one of the few who knows what you're talking about."

"Isn't that amazing?" he said, turning to his co-host.

"She was amazing," the co-host agreed. "That was, like you said, the best interview I've heard on Obamacare... I like what she said about 2014, the people can speak."

"Oh, this is touching everybody," Robertson insisted. "You know with [former President Bill Clinton], he had a fling with one intern. Okay, so he's doing bad sex things and lying and all this. But it's one guy and one woman. Okay. And maybe he had a few others, but this is affecting the whole nation. This is affecting everybody!"

"And the people say, not on our shoulders are you going to put this put this burden, we're not going to take it," he added. "Whoo! Revolution!"

Watch this video from CBN, broadcast Nov. 19, 2013.

(h/t: Right Wing Watch)