Perry praises Cruz: GOP should have 'laid the wood to the president' on Obamacare

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) on Sunday suggested that Republicans had not gone far enough in attacking President Barack Obama over his health care reform law -- even though the party had forced a government shutdown and threatened to default on the nation's debt.

In an interview that aired on ABC's This Week, Perry insisted to reporter Jeff Zeleny that he "certainly enjoyed" Cruz' 21-hour Senate speech attempting to defund the Affordable Care Act.

"It would have been wiser for us to have laid the wood to the president -- so to speak -- in the sense of being able to call him out on this, let it become an issue of, 'Mr. President, you own this,'" Perry explained.

"The president has said he is sorry for misleading some of those who thought they could keep their insurance plans," Zeleny noted. "Do you think that's enough?"

"I don't think it's even close to enough," the Texas governor replied. "He needs to stand up in front of the American people and say, 'You know what? I perpetrated a fraud on you.'"

But when it came to blunders Perry made during his 2012 campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, he asked voters to give him a second chance.

"I think second chances are what America has always been about," he said.

Watch the video below from ABC's This Week, broadcast Nov. 10, 2013.