The Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan police officer who allegedly filmed himself humiliating a mentally challenged black man has been removed from active duty and is expected to face disciplinary charges next week.

The video, which the unnamed officer posted on various social media sites, allegedly shows the officer demanding a mentally challenged black man to "dance like a chimp."

It is unclear whether the unnamed officer is solely responsible for the video, or if other officers were involved. The Grosse Pointe Park Police Department did inform its officers that they are prohibited from posting videos from personal cell phones on social media while on duty.

City officials declined to comment on the investigation until it concluded, but a public relations expert hired by the police department apologized on its behalf late last week.

"My friends, my neighbors and residents are all appalled by what has occurred," Greg Bowens said. "This is not a true representation of who we are in Grosse Pointe Park. We are working very hard at getting to the bottom of it."

["A Visibly Angry Police Officer Looking For Suspects After One Of The Police Cars Was Torched" via Shutterstock]