A Virginia gun store encouraged voters to participate in the state's election on Tuesday by handing out the type of high-capacity assault rifle magazines that were banned in several states following last year's tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

Capitol City Project reported that Quantico Tactical had notified email subscribers that they could receive “Free Election Day PMAGS at Our Woodbridge, VA Store.”

Quantico Tactical's Facebook page explained that "the idea is to reward people who voted."

Anyone who stopped by the store was eligible to receive a free 30 round PMAG if they showed a "Virginia voter ID or active duty military ID." And according to Capitol City Project, the giveaway attracted a line of people wanting the free high capacity magazines.

JJ Johnson of Reality Survival in Woodbridge, who stopped by to get his own PMAG, uploaded a YouTube video to praise Quantico Tactical.

"I thought that was pretty freaking cool," Johnson said. "It's also a great way to support the Second Amendment and, you know, just encourage people to get involved in the voting process and the democratic process to make a change, you know, for the better."

Johnson added that the gun shop was currently offering the PMAG magazines at a special price of five for $50, which he described as "a pretty awesome deal -- pre-Sandy Hook prices, for sure."

Think Progress noted that the magazine giveaway was not considered electioneering because proof of voting was not required.

Watch this video from Reality Survival, broadcast Nov. 5, 2013.

[Photo credit: AR-15 assault rifle with ammunition magazines (Shuttertock.com)]