Ann Coulter: Single women wanting birth control 'look at the government as their husbands'

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter said on Sunday that Republicans "had a problem" with single women who were more concerned about birth control than national defense and "look at the government as their husbands."

The hosts of Fox & Friends pointed out to Coulter that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) had recently said that Republicans have shown "disrespect" for women by not passing equal pay laws, for blocking minimum wage increases and refusing to provide paid sick leave.

"So why doesn't she just say abortion?" host Tucker Carlson quipped. "That's what she's talking about. Why doesn't anybody ever use that word out loud if it's such a great thing?"

Co-host Clayton Morris wondered if Pelosi was referring to reports that Republican leadership had brought in tutors to teach lawmakers and candidates how to speak to women voters and defeat female candidates.

"By the way, Republicans don't have a problem with women," Coulter opined. "They have a problem with unmarried women who think, 'No, we don't need national defense, we need our birth control paid for.'"

"And why? Because single women look at the government as their husbands," she added. "Please provide for me, please take care of me."

"You're not in that category?" Carlson wondered.

"Some of us are aggressive right wingers," Coulter noted.

Watch this video from Fox News' Fox & Friends, broadcast Dec. 15, 2013.