Colorado drops sexual harassment charge against six-year-old who kissed classmate

Hunter Yelton can go back to school without worrying about a complaint of sexual harassment hanging over his head ... assuming the six-year-old ever really understood what "sexual," "harassment" or complaint means.

Canon City schools, near Colorado Springs, backed down after an avalanche of media attention, and will no longer classify kissing a girl on the hand as sexual harassment. He was never criminally charged, but now his punishment will reflect "misconduct" instead of some kind of sexual misbehavior.

Yelton, a first grader, made national news after his school suspended him for the kiss. Yelton's mom, Jennifer Saunders, told local TV station KRDO the whole thing stemmed from an innocent crush Hunter had on a girl in the class. He kissed her on the hand during reading group. That landed him a two-day suspension from school and an entry of sexual harassment in his school files.

Watch a report on his suspension below.