Dick Cheney: Iran nuclear freeze deal is bad because Obama lied about health care
Former Vice President Dick Cheney (Fox News)

Former Vice President Dick Cheney on Monday warned that a deal to freeze Iran's nuclear program for six months was dangerous because President Barack Obama told a deliberate "lie" about the health care reform law.

In an interview on Fox News, host Steve Doocy asked the former vice president if it was a "matter of lying" when the president said you could keep doctor after the Affordable Care Act was implemented.

Cheney suggested that he would not have been able to get the care necessary to replace his heart and save his life after five heart attacks under the new law.

"What they said was, 'If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, you can keep your insurance policy,'" he remarked. "And it was a lie. It was deliberate. They knew if they told the truth, the bill would never pass."

Changing the subject, co-host Brian Kilmeade wondered if the U.S. was in "retreat everywhere" under the current president.

"I don't think Barack Obama believes the U.S. is an exceptional nation," Cheney opined. "And the whole concept that the world's a safer place, a more peaceful place when the U.S. is powerful, able to, in fact, project its will in various places around the world."

"We're withdrawing from the Middle East, we're cutting the Defense Department and defense budget to the bone, doing enormous damage there," he continued. "People are no longer -- our adversaries -- no longer fear us. Our friends no longer trust us. And the bottom line is nobody cares much in the Middle East anymore what the U.S. thinks because we don't keep our commitments, we don't follow through."

Cheney added that there was also a "very serious problem going forward" in Iran.

"The deal now being cut, the same people that brought us 'you can insurance if you want it' are telling us they've got a great deal in Iran with respect to their nuclear program," he said. "I don't believe it."

Watch this video from Fox News' Fox & Friends, broadcast Dec. 9, 2013.