Drunk sheriff's officer pulls over and punches driver in road rage incident
Man with road rage (Shutterstock)

A sergeant with the Middlesex, MA Sheriff's office is facing charges after he pulled over, frisked and attacked another driver while off duty and under the influence of alcohol.

According to the Lowell Sun, William G. McLean, 54, was charged in Lowell District Court with operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, assault and battery and violation of traffic lights.

McLean has been suspended without pay and is awaiting the outcome of a departmental investigation after an incident that took place on Friday, Nov. 29.

Around 5:40 p.m. that day, Lowell police received a report of a road rage incident and responded to the scene where they found bystanders restraining an out-of-control McLean. The off-duty officer, who apparently smelled strongly of alcohol, allegedly tailed another driver, flashing his lights and ordering the man to pull over.

When the driver -- who was in the car with his girlfriend and two children -- pulled to the shoulder, McLean said he was a state trooper and ordered the other driver out of the car, then frisked him.

The man asked to see McLean's police identification and at that point, McLean allegedly punched the man, who then punched him back. McLean began to angrily chase the other man around the car, which was when witnesses intervened.

Police on the scene said that McLean failed roadside sobriety tests and blew a .11 on a Breathalyzer test. The legal limit is .08.

[image of man with road rage via Shutterstock.com]