George Zimmerman's girlfriend contradicts prior statements and drops charges against him

The woman who accused George Zimmerman last month of pointing a shotgun at her and moving her possessions out of her own home has recanted her statements in new court documents, ABC News reported on Monday.

"I do not want George Zimmerman charged," Samantha Scheibe stated in a Dec. 6 affadavit.

Zimmerman was ordered not to contact Scheibe after being charged with assault and battery on Nov. 18 He is also required to wear a GPS tracking device until his next appearance in court, scheduled for Jan. 7. Prosecutors said at his bail hearing that he choked Scheibe in another incident prior to her reporting him to authorities.

But in the affadavit, Scheibe wrote that she felt intimidated by police after the Nov. 18 confrontation.

"I believe that the police misinterpreted me and that I may have misspoken about certain facts in my statement to police," she stated, adding that Zimmerman did not point the weapon at her "in a threatening manner," and that "I want to be with George."

Scheibe's affadavit also runs counter to her text statements to WKMG-TV saying she began to fear Zimmerman and demanded he seek professional treatment for her depression.

Her mother, Hope Mason, told WKMG that the former neighborhood watchman and murder suspect sent an image from a sexually explicit video involving the couple to Scheibe's daughter.