Joe Rogan tells Roseanne Barr: Monsanto not using 'chemtrails' to make atmospheric mirror

Joe Rogan told his fellow comedian Roseanne Barr on Monday that the agricultural giant Monsanto wasn't spraying aluminum into the atmosphere to create a giant mirror.

During an episode of his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, a discussion about organic farming unexpectedly turned to the issue of "chemtrails."

Contrails refer to the man-made clouds that form behind jet aircraft. The chemtrail conspiracy theory alleges that these contrails are actually chemical agents being sprayed in the atmosphere for nefarious purposes.

Barr remarked that more farmers in Hawaii were moving towards producing their crops organically, but that the shift couldn't continue because "we can't be spraying aluminum and barium all day."

Rogan, who investigated conspiracy theories in a television series on SyFy, quickly understood that Barr was referencing chemtrails.

"Here is the problem, there is science behind those trails," he explained. "You can track when it is going to happen and when it is not going to happen. It is all based on the humidity in the atmosphere. That is what it is all based on. When you have a jet engine and it burns jet fuel and it is going through the atmosphere it is creating moisture and in conditions where it is almost cloudy, like very hazy, when a jet engine passes through, this change of atmosphere and adding moisture creates a cloud."

Rogan also said spraying aluminum into the atmosphere wouldn't create clouds.

"They look like clouds because they are clouds," he said. "I've asked scientists. They said if you had aluminum dust and you sprayed it it wouldn't look anything those clouds."

But Barr said that Monsanto had admitted they needed a reflection in the sky because of what is in the soil.

"They need like to create a mirror," she said. "Well that is what it is, it's a mirror."

Rogan was not convinced.

"Those people are f*cking crazy. Monsanto has never said that."

Watch video, broadcast by The Joe Rogan Experience on December 30, 2013, below.

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