Law firm demands Florida man remove racist 'commercial or whatever it is' from Internet

The head of the production company behind a racist advertisement for an Alabama law firm took to YouTube again on Tuesday to respond to the firm's letter threatening to sue him.

McCutcheon & Hamner denies any involvement in the production of the commercial. Definitive Television, it claims, "hacked" its YouTube account and posted the offensive video. Last week, the firm sent a letter to Definitive Television's Jim DeBerry demanding that he "remove from YouTube and the internet and everywhere else the commercial or whatever it is made by your and your company that says or speaks or displays our name or company logo."

According to the letter, McCutcheon & Hamner is "not looking for a retraction or an apology so as to gain evidence with which to sue you. [We] can already sue you."

"While you may argue that you produced and released this video in good faith somehow," the letter continues, "the indisputable fact remains that we sent you a cease and desist notice and every minute that you continued to display that video has been malicious and willful."

In a response to this letter posted on Definitive Television's website, DeBerry refuted the firm's claim that they sent him a cease and desist letter.

"Your letter includes a malicious lie of bad faith that you sent us a letter of cease and desist," he writes. "We have never received this bogus letter."

After referring to the firm as "a bold liar," DeBerry refutes the claim that members of the firm have received death threats because of the advertisement: "We believe you have not [filed a police report], because it's either not true, you don't care about the safety of your family, the fear hasn't really struck the child as you try to deceive or the guilt inside you and your partner is riddled deep with acknowledgement that a little sleuth work would uncover the truth that you really don't want out."

After posting this correspondence on his website, DeBerry held a mock press conference in which he had "Mr. Wong Fong Shu" respond to the claims of McCutcheon & Hamner.

That video can be found below.