Pastor John Hagee to atheists: Gladly accept my Christmas tidings or 'leave the country'

Texas megachurch Pastor John Hagee this week advised atheists who didn't like Christmas to "leave the country" or "take your Walkman and stuff it into your ears."

In a sermon at his Cornerstone Church on Sunday, Hagee warned that "Christmas is under attack in America" because government offices were greeting people with "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas."

"Humanists are now making the claim that Christmas was originally a pagan holiday," he said. "Hey, dummy, look at the word: Christ-mas."

"To all humanists and atheists listening to this telecast: Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness will not be in danger in any way if someone says 'Merry Christmas' around you."

Hagee noted that some would argue that "Merry Christmas" was really a Christian prayer.

"Well, yes it is," he said. "And this is the United States of America that was founded by Christians on Christian principles according to the word of God."

Hagee also had some advice for those atheists who found themselves in proximity of a Nativity scene.

"If you pass a manger scene and someone is singing 'Joy to the World,' you can take your Walkman and stuff it into your ears," the megachurch pastor recommended. "Or you can call your lawyer. Or you can just exercise your right to leave the country."

"Planes are leaving every hour on the hour. Get on one!" Hagee exclaimed. "It's time for the majority to rule this nation!"

Watch this video from GETV, recorded Dec. 22, 2013.

(h/t: Right Wing Watch)