Republican National Committee thanks civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks for 'ending racism'

The Republican National Committee (RNC) thanked Rosa Parks for "her role in ending racism" in a tweet published early this morning:

Recent studies indicate that, far from being "ended," the majority of Americans are still racist against black people.

The tweet didn't include a link to the GOP's more anodyne "Message Celebrating Rosa Parks," in which RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said that "[w]e remember and honor Rosa Parks today for the role she played in fighting racism and ending segregation."

"Rosa Parks was a hero of the civil rights movement," said Chairman Priebus. "On this day 58 years ago, the 42-year-old seamstress took a bold stand—by staying seated. Her arrest ignited a bus boycott that challenged the injustice of segregation and in turn helped to change this nation for the better."

The person responsible for the tweet that thanked Parks for "ending racism" is unknown, but as of 12:44 p.m. EST the tweet has not been deleted, nor has any official apology for the tweet been issued.

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