Rush Limbaugh: 'Liberalism' mental illness causes 'practically every' school shooting
Radio host Rush Limbaugh

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh asserted on Monday that nearly every school shooting had been caused by the "mental health problem" of liberalism.

Classmates of the teen gunman killed at a school shooting last week in Colorado had told the Denver Post that he disliked Republicans and "described him as a very opinionated Socialist." However, the newspaper later removed that description of the shooter.

"Another kid admittedly inspired by socialists!" Limbaugh exclaimed on Monday. "The media doesn't want you to know this, but practically every one of these young kids shooting up schools is inspired by something to do with leftism, socialism, what have you. Every one of them is."

"When you can't tie them to the tea party, you don't hear about it any more. You hear the mental health explanation."

The conservative talker added: "Well, what mental health problem? Liberalism, guaran-damn-teed, is what's causing this."

Listen to the audio below from the Rush Limbaugh Program, broadcast Dec. 16, 2013.

(h/t: Media Matters)