Tea party activist: Obamanauts will stage false flag financial collapse to prevent impeachment

Jerome Corsi, a tea party activist and World Net Daily senior staff reporter, predicted Monday that a financial meltdown would be staged to keep President Barack Obama in power.

"Oh, they'll stage something," he told Alex Jones during an interview. "There is no doubt they are going to stage something. What's ready to happen, the next I think false flag or crisis on the horizon is the bursting of the stock bubble. This is another stock market bubble, just like the dot com bubble burst. Then you had the housing market bubble burst. Both manufactured bubbles, both engineered by the private bankers, the central bank."

He said the bursting of the stock market bubble was "imminent" and could "happen at any time." The resulting financial crisis will be "used to get more control."

The financial collapse would be "staged to coincide with ramming this Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic Partnership through Congress," which will end U.S. sovereignty over economic issues. The financial collapse would further lead to the elimination of the U.S. dollar in favor of an alternative worldwide currency, Corsi said.

He said the nuclear deal with Iran was also part of the plot. Iran has agreed to "come back under international banking control," Corsi explained.

"Iran succumb to the international bankers," he continued. "And again, I think the next crisis we are going to face will be a loss of freedom opportunity. Forget about Obamacare, when everyone is going bankrupt because the dollar tanks, the stock market bubble bursts, that's I think the kind of major crisis that is in the works for Obama to put back on the agenda a power grab and take off the agenda his impeachment."

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube, below: