Teens break into LA mansion and Tweet selfies with stolen suit of armor and stuffed snow leopard; estimated damage of $1 million

A $7 million LA-area mansion with no one at home set the stage for an epic party that will cost 16 teenagers some time in court after they trashed the place.

Some high-school students nearby announced a party in the property's backyard on Twitter, Lt. Arthur Scott of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Industry Station told KTLA TV on Wednesday. The property is on the market, listed at about $7 million. The teens broke into the home and did $1 million in estimated damages in what Scott described as a "free-for-all," as they Tweeted selfies with stolen property like a suit of medieval armor and a stuffed snow leopard.

Police arrested 16 people -- 13 juveniles and three 18-year-olds -- after following the trail through social media.

Watch a report on the crime below.