Detroit police chief: 'Good Americans' with guns can help prevent violent crime
Detroit police chief James Craig (Screenshot)

Detroit police chief James Craig said Monday that "good Americans" with guns could help stem the city's violent crime rate.

Craig suggested last week that Maine was a safer state than California because it was easier to obtain a concealed weapon's permit in the former state than in the latter.

"More concealed weapons by good Americans, good Americans who are responsible," he explained to CNN host Don Lemon. "You know, certainly in Detroit we have a very different situation going on here unlike other places I have had the good fortune of working. It's no secret that Detroit is violent."

"There's a violent culture," Craig added. "The criminal predators here are very violent. So, good Americans who are responsible who conceal weapons can make a difference. There are studies out there that show that."

He emphasized he did not support people taking the law into their own hands.

"We're not talking about vigilantes," Craig said. "We are talking about good Americans who are trained. Good Americans that need personal protection. I don't care what city you talk about in America. We cannot be everywhere."

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube by CNN, below.