Ten-year-old wows MLK event with 'Jesus Wept' speech: I'm 'scared to wear my hoodie!'

A 10-year-old in North Carolina has been praised for embodying the spirit of Dr. Luther King in a speech on Monday.

Donovan Summers, who attends Rand Road Elementary School in Garner, told the Triangle Interfaith Prayer Breakfast that he had based his speech on the shortest verse in the Bible, "Jesus wept," because both King and the Christian savior had tried to teach people to love one another and had "both met their deaths because of haters."

"If Dr. King was here today in 2014, he would have wept," Summers said. "And sometimes I feel like weeping too. Because when I think about some of these kids trying to be bullies, threatening their teachers and bringing guns to school, you see, I'm halfway scared to go to school because I might get shot."

"I'm halfway scared to play in my own backyard because some fool might take me hostage," he continued. "I'm halfway scared to go down to the store and get a pack of Now and Later's and I'm halfway scared to wear my hoodie because some neighborhood watch person might think I look suspicious."

"Y'all know what I'm talking about. Jesus wept. Martin wept. And so have I."

Watch this video from WRAL, broadcast Jan. 20, 2013.