Fox legal analyst: Abortion and video games may have made woman into Satanic killer

Fox legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. said on Wednesday that he doubted that a Pennsylvania woman killed more than 22 people as part of a Satanic cult -- but if she did, then it could be because she had an abortion and played video games.

Over the weekend, The Daily Item published an interview with 19-year-old Miranda Barbour in which she claimed to have killed between 22 and 100 people. Barbour is already facing the death penalty for the murder of a 42-year-old man, who she and her husband killed after meeting him on Craigslist.

In his analysis of the case on Wednesday, Fox News' Johnson pointed out that it was highly unlikely that Barbour's story was true.

"She lived in the North Pole -- that's right, North Pole, Alaska -- up until the time she was 5," he remarked. "They don't have that many missing people in North Pole, Alaska. The officials in the county in Pennsylvania are saying we haven't substantiated anything as of yet. And the fellow that runs the Satanic cults across the United States says she's not a registered member of this. Maybe she's part of some underground cult."

But Johnson said that there were reasons that authorities should seriously investigate Barbour's claims.

"We do know that she has an affinity for the fantasy game called 'Dark Soul,' which is a very dark, death-laden video game on PlayStation and other kinds of video type things where there's a lot of killing involved," he explained. "We do know that she says that she was abused as a child."

"She did say that she had an abortion as result of an unwanted pregnancy," Johnson added. "Her mother denies that fact."

"I would suggest that as a matter of logic and as a matter of past history that we've got to look at this with a grain of salt," he concluded.

Watch the video below from Fox News' Fox & Friends, broadcast Feb. 19, 2014.