A high school science teacher in Indiana is under fire after admitting that he used videos from a creationism museum to teach biology class.

Last week, Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) attorney Patrick C. Elliott sent a letter to Concord Community Schools Superintendent Wayne Stubbs after learning that Concord High School biology teacher Ryan Culp had been showing videos produced by Kent Hovind, a radical young Earth creationist.

Hovind is currently serving 10 years in prison after he refused to pay taxes on his Creation Science Evangelism business, saying that everything he owned belonged to God. He was also fined for refusing to obey zoning regulations at his Dinosaur Adventure Land creationism theme park in Florida, which was forced to close in 2009.

According to FFRF, parents had said that Stubbs showed children one of Hovind's 2-hour videos, titled "Lies in the Textbooks."

Culp allegedly told parents that he could teach creationism in the classroom as long as it was not more than "like, half of what the information is." He also claimed that he could not teach either creationism or evolution as the truth.

"Federal courts have consistently rejected the promotion of creationism and its ilk in public schools," the FFRF attorney pointed out to the school system.

The FFRF also called on the school district to investigate Culp and to discipline him if the charges were true.

The video from Kent Hovind is below.

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