A group that advocates the teaching of "Intelligent Design" in public schools thinks Charles Darwin is at least partially to blame for a racist rant published by a conservative columnist.

The Discovery Institute released a mini-documentary Tuesday on YouTube. The 30 minute video, title "War on Humans," alleges that Charles Darwin and the theory of evolution have created an anti-human movement by denying that human beings transcend nature.

The video attacks evolution by linking the widely-accepted scientific theory to right-wing columnist John Derbyshire, who wrote an overtly racist column in 2012.

"The same dismissal of human uniqueness can be found amongst some on the right," the narrator of the video says. "John Derbyshire was a long-time writer for the conservative journal National Review. In 2012, he was dismissed after writing an article for another publication, arguing that blacks are more antisocial and less intelligent than whites."

"Derbyshire believed that racial differences are the products of evolution," the narrator continues. "He also believes that Darwinian theory refutes the claim of traditional Western monotheism, that human beings are exceptional. In his words: 'The broad outlook on human nature implied by Darwinian ideas contradicts the notion of human exceptionalism...To modern biologists, informed by Darwin, we are merely another branch on Nature’s tree.'"

The Discovery Institute hopes the mini-documentary will expose how the teaching of evolution promotes the hatred of humanity.

“The Darwinian view that human beings are not fundamentally unique supplies a foundation for much of the current anti-human activism,” Dr. John West of the Discovery Institute explained. “Here is yet another area where the saying ‘ideas have consequences’ is true with a vengeance.”

Watch video below.